#1 Enemy to Billboard Lawyers

Adam Torres and Joshua Schwadron discuss Mighty.

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Show Notes:

Mighty is on a mission to change the personal injury industry.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Joshua Schwadron, Founder and CEO of Mighty, explore the Mighty story and why the company believes they’ve found a better way to operate within the personal injury space.

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About Mighty

When it comes to navigating an injury, surprises are never a good thing. Especially when they come from the person who’s supposed to be representing you.

Introducing Mighty, a new and better alternative to the traditional personal injury process. They are taking on a legal system that for too long has benefitted personal injury attorneys more than the people who have been injured.

Mighty offers a complete personal injury service that gives you everything you need to quickly get your life back on track after an injury; an honest lawyer to represent you, health care (even if you don’t have insurance), money while you wait for a settlement, and help with car repairs, childcare, and more.