25 years of AI in Debt Collection with Ranjan Dharmaraja

Adam Torres and Ranjan Dharmaraja explore debt collection.

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Show Notes:

Debt collection has benefited from AI for decades. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ranjan Dharmaraja, CEO and Chief Technologist at Quantrax Corporation, explore how AI is changing the way debt collection is done.

About Ranjan Dharmaraja

His education was in Electronic Engineering. He then sold books for a while (at the time when people used to read encyclopedias). He got into technology, with IBM, and later into information systems. That brought me to the debt collection industry, where he have had high-level jobs in software development. They started Quantrax in 1988, and it is still around! Quantrax developed intelligent technology for receivables management. They have the only “expert system” for the collection industry, and it is spectacular, proven technology.

It is heartening to note that their struggle to change this industry has not gone unnoticed. While other companies focused on sales, they traveled down the more expensive path of innovation. It is paying off. Our latest line up of collection robots gives the industry the first opportunity to dive into realistic and effective AI-based solutions.

Specialties: IBM iSeries, debt collection software and related technologies, automated dialers. 

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