A Colombian Family Emigrates Real Estate to USA

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Not all immigrants come to the USA penniless. Many wealthier, more educated families from South America have made their moves to the USA in search of a better life with more opportunities. Such was the case for Oscar Caballero and his two brothers, who came to the US for education but stayed to raise families and build their real estate portfolios. 

Oscar Caballero is a bio engineer by trade. His father, a successful rice farmer in Colombia in the 70s and 80s, Oscar was tasked with gaining a higher level of education about farming technology. Except, by the time he had finished his degree, his father decided to shift gears away from farming the land instead to investing in income-producing, cash-flow real estate. Oscar and his brothers spent twenty years perfecting their real estate investment techniques until finally settling in Florida in 2015, where they continue to own and manage residential rental properties.

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