A Compliant Pioneer in the Hemp Logistics Industry with Kevin Schultz

Adam Torres and Kevin Schultz discuss the challenges and benefits of remaining compliant in the hemp logistics industry.

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Show Notes:

The hemp industry’s growth has brought many opportunities for the entire supply chain. Remaining compliant in transportation, especially when transporting biomass across state lines has become more important than ever. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Kevin Schultz, Co-Founder & President at The 357 Company, discuss compliance, transportation and opportunities in the burgeoning hemp industry.

About Kevin Schultz

I’m considering Cannabis Advisory Board positions to leverage my unique – hands on – cannabis business experience with vertical multi-state cannabis operators. Growing up on the northwest side of Chicago – I learned at an early age to surround myself with people I can count on in life and to quit listening to people who only say what you want to hear.

I’m a deal navigator, solution-oriented, forward-looking professional – with high standards, strategic intelligence, and integrity – that refuses to allow the status quo to sink in. I have a proven ability to go into tough situations and critically think on how to implement solutions to turn them around quickly – while maximizing a team’s collective strengths.

In 2006, I started my first medical device distribution company – Spinal Solutions – portfolio included orthopedic and spine implantable devices in addition to cutting edge biologic and stem cell products. Competed directly with Medtronic, Stryker, Depuy, Synthes etc.. My second company – Novo Medical – centered around technology that improved patient outcomes while driving down the cost for hospitals and patients.

In 2011 – while working in the operating room with surgeons, patient after patient received a post-op opioid prescription – leading to an eventual crisis. From a health perspective alone – I felt society would be much better off consuming less alcohol and more cannabis. At that moment – I realized “My WHY” – pioneering medical cannabis as an effective way to safely medicate and ending the stigma of cannabis.

In 2016 – I transitioned from an MIT backed SaaS operational efficiency enterprise sales roll to re-start and eventually build out the wholesale division at PharmaCann in Illinois and New York – generating over $5M in new business. At Verano Holdings – I was the Vice President of Optimizing Sales & Operations with a strong focus on new facility & market build outs | go-to-market strategies | product availability | production analytics | inventory modeling | raw material yield planning | packaging room optimization & automation | supply chain | cultivation modeling | sales & marketing | increasing profit margins | new product development | market analysis.

Today – I’m the Co-Founder, President of The 357 Company – on a mission to create “best in class” hemp logistic solutions while helping educate the entire hemp supply chain as the sector scales.

About The 357 Company

The 357 Company’s leadership team collectively has over 50 years of transport and supply chain management logistics experience in addition to developing operational processes and procedures for the highly regulated medical cannabis and restaurant delivery industries.

We provide fully insured Logistics and Supply Chain Management solutions – customized to maximize the value of Hemp Farmers, Cultivators, Processors, Wholesale Marketplaces, Seed Banks, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Distributors.

Our carefully vetted partners have access to our superior carrier network, compliant SOP’s, and special handling solutions for both general commodity freight and hemp derived products – including biomass and seeds.

357 Hemp Logistics is a leader in customized logistics and supply chain solutions tailored specifically for the hemp industry. Hemp is not just another commodity to us – our commitment to compliant SOP’s and service backs it up.

357 Logistics is proven with over 50 years of experience and knowledge of overcoming obstacles and handles all of our general commodity and high value non-hemp related freight.

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