A Decade of Change in the Farming Industry: Featuring Greg Hall and Henry of Hall Farmstead

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of Wagyu steaks and the business of Hall Farmstead. Founded by Greg, Hall Farmstead is a Kentucky-based farm that raises Wagyu cattle for their premium beef. Henry, who is Japanese, explains that Wagyu is meat, specifically beef, and comprises two breeds: Kuroushi, which is the black cow, and Akaushi, which is leaner and has a more flavorful profile. 

Greg explains that it took many years of breeding to get the highest grade Wagyu beef and that Hall Farmstead is focused on quality and humanely raising their cattle. The cattle are pasture-raised until they are over a year old and are then finished in a six-stage process, after which they are processed for beef. Hall Farmstead sells its beef both online and to restaurants and butcher shops. They also discuss how the farming industry has changed in the past two decades, citing the difficulty of making a profit in the industry.

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Story Notes:

  • About Hall Farmstead 
  • Founder of Hall Farmstead, Greg Hall
  • Wagyu Cattle, An Original Japanese Breed
  • High-Quality Beef
  • The quality of Hall Farmstead’s Wagyu
  • Changes in the Farm Industry in the Past Two Decades

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