A Fresh Perspective on Norman Rockwell Paintings with Robert Stupack

 Adam Torres and Robert Stupack discuss Norman Rockwell paintings.

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Show Notes:

Norman Rockwell paintings are coveted by many collectors. Verifying authenticity is vital to preserving value. In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Robert Stupack, Discover and Adventurer at Rockwellauthentication.com and drakestresure.com, explore Robert’s process for verifying the authenticity of Norman Rockwell paintings.

About Robert Stupack 

In 1976, Anthropologists from UC Berkeley analyzed the Rock Art and Petroglyphs located on Marin County’s, Ring Mountain in Corte Madera California. They concluded that the first inhabitants of California, the Paleo-Indians, occupied this area 8,000-12,000 years ago. Their research described how the Paleo-Indians used small stones to peck away at larger rocks in order to make designs and pictures.

I discovered California Paleo-Indian Tribal Art in the year 2,000 when I realized that these technologically advanced, yet primitive people, adorned their tools made from stone, wood, pyroclast (Lava-like material), glass, and metal with the same pictures.
Seventeen years of research and discovery have produced the largest collection of California Paleo-Indian artifacts in the world.

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