A Lifelong Mission to Improve the Lives of those who Suffer from Debilitating and Chronic Pain

In this episode of The Entrepreneur Next Door, Zev Asch speaks with Philip Muccio, CEO of AxioBionics , a company that specializes in wearable pain management devices. Phil has always believed that people with physical disabilities must have a reasonable chance at a productive and enriched life. And, he speaks from personal experience as he suffers from a disability as well. 

Axiobionics designs, manufactures and distributes neuroprosthetic devices to manage pain and the effects of neurological conditions. Neuroprosthetics (also referred to as neural prosthetics or neuro-prosthetics), is a discipline which encompasses the integration of neuroscience and bioengineering concerned with providing potential solutions to people with neurological and/or neuromuscular impairment. 

Phil demonstrates that engineering prowess isn’t the only ingredient that contributes to entrepreneurship success; his genuine caring and big heart shine throughout the interview and drive his mission to change lives for people that experience chronic debilitating pain. 

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