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A New Approach to Evaluating Companies with Stuart Kruse, CFA

Adam Torres and Stuart Kruse discuss a new way to evaluate companies.

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Show Notes:

What happens when tradition metrics to evaluating companies fall short? New methods must be developed. In this episode, Adam Torres and Stuart Kruse, CFA President and Chief Investment Advisor at Kruse Asset Management, explore an alternative to traditional metrics used to evaluate companies. 

About Kruse Asset Management

Delivering a wealth of services, KAM provides calculated investment strategy with personal attention that remains rare. The company utilizes proprietary asset allocation tools, developed to create unique financial plans for each client’s needs. Combined, the products and services KAM employs have been shown to outperform market results over long periods of time. Complementing its market experience, the company is grounded in extensive knowledge of behavioral finance, for an in-depth understanding of the emotions behind potential decisions.

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