A New Community for Businesses with John Bonavia

Adam Torres and John Bonavia discuss community for businesses.

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Show Notes:

Imagine a community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive together all under one roof. This is exactly what John Bonavia plans on creating. In this episode,  Adam Torres and John Bonavia, Founder and President at The Gateway Advantage, explore John’s plans for The Gateway Advantage and his current capital raise.

About John Bonavia 

President John Bonavia Attended the University of Maryland, He has a passion for helping people to BREAKTHROUGH and take their lives to another level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: their business, personal finance, intimate relationships, families, careers and health. He is dedicated to businesses in industries as diverse as hospitality, education, media production, and business services. He is an Entrepreneur and always looking for the next “un fundable business”.

About The Gateway Advantage

The Gateway Advantage is committed to helping you grow your business and, as we are ourselves a business we understand your frustrations as well as your needs. Information, ideas, contacts, help and support are all things you’ll find at The Gateway Advantage along with a very warm welcome and an environment that is conducive to growing your business and achieving your objective.

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