A New Paradigm in Education with David Cassenti

Adam Torres and David Cassenti discuss education. 

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Show Notes:

Education is fast evolving as many turns to online solutions. In this episode,  Adam Torres and David Cassenti, Owner and Tutor Specialist at CATS Educational Services, explore the current and future state of education.

About David Cassenti 

Computer and Network Knowledge (Help Desk through Administration), Paranormal Research and Teaching Classes at his school on Scientific Paranormal Research both during the school year and over the summer. Education of students in the STEM fields; Education of students on the Autism Spectrum, especially those in the regular education classroom. His Specialties: WYSIWYG Tools and Web Design; Open Source Operating Systems; Special Education of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

About CATS

They specialize in all sorts of learning support, whether you need to learn about computers to be more successful in your job search, or your child needs help learning academic subjects through tutoring or fun after-school enrichment activities, They are there for you. They have tutors available for every school subject, standards-based enrichment activities to help them become independent learners, as well as Special Needs Specialists to help you and your child learn what it takes to navigate the school system procedures and help parents, teachers and school districts master effective support strategies to best assist those students who might be having difficulty with school academically or socially.

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