A New Type of Leadership Focusing on People and Planet with Lorenzo Vallone

Adam Torres and Lorenzo Vallone discuss a new type of leadership.

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Show Notes:

Organizations need to fundamentally rethink what they do and how they do it. It is imperative to balance people, planet and profit and that requires a new type of leadership that incorporates heart and mind, creativity and analytics, art and logic. In this episode, Adam Torres and Lorenzo Vallone, Managing Director at Arte Logica, explore a new type of leadership.

About Lorenzo Vallone

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (XR) are impacting nearly every industry, and the corporate training and learning industry is reaping huge benefits from this transformative technology. The Immersive power of XR enables new and improved approaches to employee training and front line support. It’s now possible to train your teams better and faster and at an exponentially lower cost.

Learning by doing is the best way to teach someone – and XR can simulate and scale real-world experiences. Immersive training with XR significantly increases retention and improves performance outcomes by enabling the safe, repeatable practice of complex, dangerous, or costly job scenarios, in a highly measurable way.

I have over 25 years’ experience helping organizations across a wide range of industries maximize value by streamlining and optimizing business processes using cutting edge technology. My team at Xennial Digital and I are the experts you need to create XR training tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Combined with our robust, scalable, and secure XR Learning platform, we can deliver value across the enterprise.

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