A New Way To Wash Hands with Ibraheem Alinur

Adam Torres and Ibraheem Alinur discuss a new hand washing technology.

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Show Notes:

Washing hands has become increasingly important to stop the spread of certain viruses. But how can handwashing be reinvented? To become a trackable and engaging experience? In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Ibraheem Alinur, CEO of City Health Tech., explore how City Health Tech’s handwashing technology is aiming to change the way we think about handwashing.

About City Health Tech Inc.

We are a team of 16 innovators and engineers focused on combining technology and education to improve community health. Currently, students miss 164 million days of school annually due to illness, costing schools $6.5 billion in lost funding. Based out of Northwestern University, we intimately know the effects of poor student health on academic achievement. With new and sophisticated technology at our fingertips, we are refining old approaches to universal health problems. Success to us means improving student health, reducing absenteeism, and returning lost funding to school systems.

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