A Perfect Storm in Debt Markets

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LIQUIDITY is today’s Real TidBit. It’s going to become a more public topic of conversation in the months ahead. Bob Repass buys and sells mortgages on the secondary market, and he knows that when liquidity dries up, that’s when opportunity strikes. Bob and Bill discuss the current state of NPL buying and look ahead to the future of real estate, given the headwinds of inflation, interest rate increase, and global instabilities. 

Bob Repass, Managing Director, Colonial Funding Group, is a senior financial services industry executive focusing primarily on loan servicing, sales, and operation management. Bob oversees all secondary market acquisitions including loan production, underwriting, risk management, all areas of loan servicing, marketing and business development. He has held senior management positions at Bayview Loan Servicing, Bayview First Funding, Bayview Financial LP and Associates Financial Services.

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