A Riff On Productivity – Brandon Wetzstein

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At some point in your journey, you will need to implement. After all, anything worth while comes down to the walk.

Look around you. Everything you see was not only an idea at one point, but an idea that was implemented.

When you go to implement, your greatest opportunity is in how productive you are. Luckily, my guest and I delve into a bunch of ideas and principles related to productivity.


Brandon Wetzstein is owner of In8create, a company that delivers organizational workshops that solve the tension between quality and speed.  

Through design, tools, and environment, he unleashes the deep insights and ideas of your team.

Brandon does this by using the LEGO Serious Play Method in which users build thoughts and ideas out of LEGO bricks. 

At In8create, they believe that everyone has untapped creative and imaginative potential. Their mission is to unlock that potential. 

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