Abhinav Soomaney Releases Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell: Unlocking the Decentralized

Adam Torres and Abhinav Soomaney discuss “Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell.”

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Abhinav Soomaney, Managing Partner at CryptoTax International, explore Abhinav’s new book, Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell: Unlocking the Decentralized.

About Abhinav Soomaney

Abhinav Soomaney CFI, MBA, MCOM, BMS – 4+ years of experience in assisting investors with cryptocurrency tax calculations & investment management. He earned his MBA in finance & accounting, a Master’s degree in commerce, and a professional certification in financial modeling & business valuations. Immense experience with working across several geographic locations at an international level in the field of finance & accounting. He is responsible for ensuring appropriate regulations with respect to Crypto Bank along with managing the Accounting & Tax aspects of the company. He also works with the marketing team at Crypto Bank which makes him a great asset to the company.

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