Acanthamoeba Keratitis, Leishmaniasis and Dry Nose discussed with Profounda’s CEO Todd MacLaughlan

Todd MacLaughlan, the CEO of Profounda Inc. and Profounda Health and Beauty, Inc, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Spreading awareness about rare diseases and making treatments more readily available, Mr. Todd MacLaughlan, CEO at Profounda and his team at Profounda Health and Beauty, has had an exceptional journey of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Working diligently for the welfare of the people and bringing the harmful potency of certain diseases to greater visibility, Todd has come a long way and aspires to go even further. Todd has diverse experience in various domains and credits his current success to the lessons learned all along the way and his strong family support. 

Along with being in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Todd also has vast exposure to the manufacturing and marketing fields. With Todd’s experience and a team of 15 dedicated people, Profounda has acquired tremendous credibility in the therapeutic drug market space and gained the valuable trust of hundreds of patients with rare diseases and over 70,000 patients and their physicians in the United States with their OTC products. 

Todd has been in the medical industry since 1982 and formed Profounda in 2013. He is driven by the goal of helping people deal with difficult-to-treat acute, serious, life altering diseases whose diagnosis is often missed with limited treatment options as well as developing better options for patients in other disease areas that are less life threatening but important to treat effectively. Profounda has a strong focus on the needs of the patient as well as innovation to solve many challenges doctors and their patients face. 

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Revolutionary Product – ImpavidoⓇ (miltefosine)

Impavido is effective in treating the fatal infections caused by a free-living amoeba(FLA) also known as the “Brain Eating Amoeba” as well as the serious disease of Leishmaniasis, which is rare in this country but is the second leading cause of death by parasites after malaria, Most recently, Impavido has shown great promise in the treatment of over 200 patients with Acanthamoeba Keratitis, also known as AK, which is a free-living amoeba that infects the eye that can cause blindness or even the removal of the eye and is most commonly associated with contact lens use. 

Todd shared how FLA diseases are uncommon but have a high impact on people’s quality of life.  Profounda works closely with physicians, patients and non-profit organizations to ensure the drug and information is available to those who need it..

A little less scary is the incidence and treatment of dry nose, as many sufferers of Allergy actually have dry nose as the underlying issue. The symptoms of dry nose are similar to allergies, such as sneezing, congestion and runny nose, but can also lead to nosebleeds which can be daily for some people and can lower the patients quality of life.  

Todd discusses how their exceptional products Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Mist and Rhinase Soothing Nasal Gel, Nasal Nectar and Xynase provide relief to people who are battling with these unique medical issues. These products are sold on-line (Rhinase.com, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Krogers.com) and Rhinase Gel and Xynase Spray are also recently available at Whole Foods across the United States at their 400 + retail locations.

Cosmetics Expansion

Profounda Beauty deals in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality cosmetics that meet the standards of health, hygiene, and effectiveness of a product and introduced its first product, “Pineapple Peel” from the Jo Collection, which is a daily leave-on chemical peel. In addition to making its own cosmetic and healthcare products, it also makes products on a contract manufacturing basis for other important companies. 

What’s Next

In addition to developing innovative generic products, Profounda also recently introduced a new line of all natural products for cough under the brand NaturePro.  Profounda is always looking at ways to expand its product offerings where we think we can fill an unmet medical or business need. 


Profounda and Profounda Health & Beauty are privately owned, product-oriented companies that develop high-quality specialty niche pharmaceutical products in both the branded and generic pharmaceutical markets as well as the OTC and cosmetic markets. As a team of highly qualified industry experts, our objective is to focus on bringing high-quality, innovative options to patients being treated for various conditions in order to improve the lives of those that take our medication.
To learn more about the organization, visit Profounda here or learn about our products at Impavido.com or Rhinase.com