Adam Winder Helps Families Find Completion

Adam Winder, President of SeedTrust, is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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As the President of SeedTrust, Adam Winder helps guide families through a process that is complex and emotional — surrogacy escrow. Adam Winder explains to Adam Torres what it takes to build a technologically-driven escrow service model that helps intended parents, surrogates, and agencies focus on building families through third-party reproduction. 

The Philosophy of Family

Adam Winder begins with the origins of SeedTrust, a technology-enabled escrow provider for reproductive journeys that utilize surrogacy and egg donation. He explains how founder, Edward Brockschmidt, saw a need for a third-party escrow provider in the surrogacy industry. He formed an independent escrow fund management company that assumes the liability for intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors while at the same time bringing them together fairly and transparently. The team at SeedTrust is comprised of attorneys, accountants, business experts, and technology gurus who come together with one vision — to help families grow while reducing the financial stress of the escrow process.

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Shouldering Responsibility and Liability

Adam Winder understands that this period of life, for any family, is a highly emotional and complex one. Intended parents, egg donors, surrogates, and agencies require escrow fund managers with specialized knowledge of the surrogacy process. Adam tells about the number of fail-safe options they have in place, such as the $40 million bond that protects the parties involved in case of any liability and provides the highest level of security and protection available. 

Adam regards all the parties in high esteem, especially the parents and surrogates since the surrogacy process includes considerable risks. Reducing risk is one of SeedTrust’s most vital advantages, along with being an impartial third-party with no conflict of interest regarding financial compensation or matters of legal litigation. One of the crucial issues that SeedTrust directly addresses is the need to be free of any conflict of interest when dealing with all the parties.

SeedTrust removes the financial worries among all parties so they can focus on creating and sustaining life. Adam explains the high standards they set for themselves while dealing with all types of families so that people are fully informed about their choices. He also gives tips on how intended parents, surrogates, and agencies can choose a service providing a third-party like SeedTrust for their escrow needs.

SeedTrust has helped around 8,000 families to have a postcard-perfect family while ensuring that they serve everyone’s interests equally throughout the process.  

Technology that Builds Families

What makes SeedTrust unique is its user experience. Adam explains how making technology is a core part of the business and that the system functionality makes the process secure and transparent. There is an online user interface for the clients to view their files and a back-end system that allows the company to manage the process effectively.

The portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payment calendars, a ledger of costs and expenses, customer care outreach, and more are available in each user’s portal, enabling everyone to access their entire escrow file at any time. SeedTrust provides skilled and transparent money management on every side of the surrogacy or egg donation process. “After all, what we are doing is building families,” signs off Adam with a smile. 


Adam Winder, MBA, President, is a strategic executive with over ten years of financial services experience. Adam left banking and joined SeedTrust® because he felt a personal connection to SeedTrust®’s purpose. After becoming a father for the first time, Adam realized that every family should have the opportunity to experience the joy of becoming a parent.

Adam graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Economics from Bridgewater College. He holds an MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, where he graduated from Beta Gamma Sigma.

You can reach Adam through his email [email protected]. For more information about SeedTrust and the services they provide, visit seedtrustescrow.com or email the entire team at [email protected].