Adding a Podcast to Your Marketing Strategy with Zachariah Moreno

Adam Torres and Zachariah Moreno discuss podcasting.

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Show Notes:

Podcasting is a great way to spread your message. It has never been easier for even the novice podcaster to record studio quality audio. In this episode, Adam Torres and Zachariah Moreno, CEO & CTO at SquadCast, explore how SquadCast is helping it’s clients record studio quality audio.

About SquadCast.fm

SquadCast is a bootstrapped startup co-founded in 2016 by Zachariah Moreno & Rockwell Felder with a mission to amplify collaboration. We seek to empower & encourage creatives to engage in meaningful conversations without barriers. Over the last 3+ years, SquadCast has become a pillar in the Podcast Community, grown to a team of 6, & empowers over 6,000 Podcast Hosts to record interviews with Guests across 100+ countries.

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