ADHD, Anxiety and Depression | Alternative Care for Kids through Poppy Live Care with Erica Solis

Adam Torres and Erica Solis discuss alternative options for kids living with health issues related to ADHD, anxiety and depression.

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Show Notes:

Are there alternative ways to treat children suffering from ADHD, anxiety and depression? Many times the immediate reaction is to go with a pill to treat the symptoms. While that may be necessary in some cases, is it always? In this episode, Adam Torres and Erica Solis, MBA, Founder and Executive Director of Poppy Life Care, explore alternative options for treating kids living with ADHD, Anxiety and depression.

About Poppy Life Care

Poppy Life Care is a United States non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is determined to educate and empower children and their parents struggling with children’s health issues related to spectrum disorders, development disorders, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Our goal is to facilitate awareness and education while building innovative care programs, which we hope to accomplish alongside our local communities, its businesses and people. We believe in helping each other as part of an ecosystem of local business, healthcare groups, academic institutions and professionals alike.

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