​​Adrienne Denese Talks About Reversing Visible Effects of Time on the Skin

Adrienne Denese, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO at SkinScience Labs, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Luxury Podcast.

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Adrienne Denese talks with Mission Matters about leading her skincare brand, Dr. Denese SkinScience®.

What mission matters to you? 

Led by a goal to create skincare that truly and visibly reduces signs of aging, Dr. Denese, a Cornell trained Medical Doctor says, “My mission is to give you top of the line luxury,  best of the science skincare at a price that nearly anyone can afford.” Her brand, Dr. Denese SkinScience®, is a skincare line focusing on delivering visible results. 

“Good skincare is a right, not a privilege,” she says. 

How did your journey begin?

Raised in Hungary at the height of communism, Denese always excelled academically. Her first exposure to skincare was through her aunt, who made face creams with bee pollen and had to sell them in secret, given that any private enterprise was against the law.

At age 23, Denese decided to escape socialism and left by herself to the USA with $40 in her pocket and with a burning desire to study medicine.  She finished her medical studies at Cornell Medical School with a full scholarship, completed residency at Cornell and started an anti-aging practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in the late 90’s.

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What advice would you give to people who are just starting out?

Discussing the importance of giving people a reason to buy, she says: “It is all about the product. My clinically tested, clinically proven skin care is able to deliver truly visible, obvious clinical results. If your skin care is able to deliver visible results to your customers, you have them for life”

Asked how she was able to keep customers throughout the pandemic, she responds, “If I serve them really well, and if I can deliver the results they seek, they will stay with me for good, and that is exactly what happened during these tough times.”

Tell us about your products.

“The basic principle of my skin care is to use a huge amount of active ingredients because this is what delivers the positive change to the skin”

“I use double or triple the industry standards quantities  of active ingredients in my products because I know that this is the only way to deliver clearly visible results.

As for distribution, she notes, “Close to 70% of our total income comes from automatic shipments where people sign up in advance in fear of running out.  That is a huge testimonial for us.”To learn more, visit Dr. Denese online.