Ads4Earth Creates Meaningful Change with Gold Dar Hood

Adam Torres and Gold Dar Hood discuss Ads4Earth. 

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Show Notes: 

Ads4Earth is a tech platform that aims to make meaningful change possible. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Gold Dar Hood, Founder & CEO at Ads4Earth, explore Ads4Earth and how people can get involved. 

About Gold Dar Hood 

As a serial entrepreneur and prior collegiate faculty member, her mission is to help change lives by translating technological breakthroughs into practice. She is currently developing and making global enterprises of software and process solutions at BlackRock and serving on the board for my 7th startup. My background is highly diverse including industries varying from FinTech to fashion to medical technology to human resources. 

She also serves as an expert panelist and resource for the HubHub accelerator and has extensive experience in business development, prototyping, project management, market research, MVP and prototype development, IP development and protection, and early stage investments from both sif the table. Arguably her real core competency is acquiring new knowledge and expertise which she can then use quickly and strategically.

She has lived or worked on three continents, and is an avid traveler with a strong interest in linguistics, geopolitics, and unique experiences. She believes strongly that environmental, sustainable, and social governance (ESG) investment and business operations do not sacrifice returns and are the right way forward. To that end she serves on nonprofit boards and is open to new requests for service or investments.

About Ads4Earth,

A community designed to enable responsible consumerism, is built on transparency and the widely-shared goal of building a sustainable world. Their mission is to create a positive feedback loop between consumers and companies so that companies on their platform outperform their peers and genuinely improve towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals over time with unique insights from their audience and experts.

Ads4Earth is a stand-alone web/mobile app and brand that educates people on key environmental challenges and allows people to donate 80% of revenue monetized from their attention to curated environmental nonprofits. They  bill pre-contracted client escrow accounts for attentive, data-rich interactions between their Ideal Customers and their content via gamified engagement channels. Engagement is driven by a powerful combination of personal and institutional incentives from their network of academic, beneficiary nonprofit, and industry partners- currently over 200, expected at over 1,000 by launch on Earth Day 2021.