Advising Startups and Businesses with Eric J Proos

Adam Torres and Eric J. Proos discuss legal considerations for startups.

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Show Notes:

A solid legal strategy is key for both startups and established enterprises. Work on the front end can decrease the chances of expensive litigation down the line. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Eric J. Proos, Owner of The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., explore common legal considerations for businesses.

About Eric J. Proos

Eric Proos has made it his mission to be the expert his clients can rely on to navigate state and local law that governs the compliance of such enterprises. He helps them establish the right legal structure, obtain the correct licensing and remain compliant as they build their businesses. Any new industry brings with it legal uncertainty with obvious and sometimes not so obvious consequences to any unintended legal transgressions. With the Cannabis industry being so dynamic and untested, this is especially true.

As an Entrepreneur, you may already have legal representation, as a lot of my new clients do, but the Attorney who helped you close on that business purchase or represented you in that civil matter may not be the right Attorney to help you with your Cannabis business. There are literally thousands of pages of state and local laws that need to be interpreted and understood before any attempt is made to enter the industry. He decided to become an expert in Cannabis law, so his clients could enjoy the full protection of the law and be free to focus on building and growing their enterprise.


The Law Office of Eric J. Proos, P.C., are the experts in Cannabis Industry law. We help new and established companies in navigating the complex legal landscape of state and local legislation, so our clients can enjoy the full protection of the law. We assist with:

-Cannabis license applications, 
-Entity formation 
-Compliance regarding local and state Cannabis regulations 
-Contract management 
-General legal advice 
-Business dissolution and litigation 

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