AI to Improve Psychological Healthcare and Customer Satisfaction with Phillip Alexander

Adam Torres and Phillip Alexander discuss AI in healthcare.

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Show Notes:

Project M aims to improve psychological healthcare and customer satisfaction. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Phillip Alexander, PR Director of Project M at IPMD, Inc., explore the applications and benefits of Project M.

About IPMD, Inc.

At IPMD, Inc. they believe in putting people in the best possible situation in regards to their health, through accurate and early detection of disease and highly specialized targeted therapies to treat the disease that minimizes possible treatment side effects and maximize chances of the treatment success. They also wish to develop a highly specialized Artificial Intelligent Platform that can interact with humans to create the better world tomorrow. They encourage innovation in the discovery, development, and commercialization of breakthrough products. They will always believe that Nothing is Impossible. They cultivate an environment where each of them can excel. They promise to provide their best possible efforts for the world. In everything they do, they will be the Leader.

Core Values describe who they are, how they treat one another and the way they conduct ourselves – both in the company, in the community, and out in their business environment. While their corporate goals and strategies may evolve to meet changing circumstances, their Core Values remain firmly embedded in their own genetic makeup. They must be visibly present in their policies, their decisions, and their operations.