AI & VR Feature with Virality Potential with Ellie Sarmadi

Adam Torres and Ellie Sarmadi discuss UBQFIT.

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Show Notes:

New feature alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ellie Sarmadi, CEO at UBQFIT, explore UBQFIT’s new AI/VR feature that was designed to give their user base a better client experience.


UBQFIT, is a marketplace where livestream fitness training sessions are organized between Trainers and Trainees with a push of a button. The platform incorporates live activity data, provides interactive 1-on-1 coaching and support and can function as a medium for others in the community to cheer on the Trainees real-time given the Trainee chooses a social 1-1 training session. No worries, if you aren’t into being social, you can also be as private as you wish and just follow along live or recorded workouts without anyone seeing or hearing you.

UBQFIT offers many options, from being able to get connected by pushing only a couple of buttons in app (uber style booking but virtually), to actually choosing a Trainer that provides training in your category of choice (spanning from yoga to MMA and boxing) and booking on that Trainer’s calendar for a time in the future. UBQFIT is a fully integrated platform, you never have to leave to make a payment or get your video connection established.

Think, Uber meets Twitch for personal and group fitness Training. 

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