Amazon Retail Arbitrage with Ann Sieg

Adam Torres and Ann Sieg discuss Amazon retail arbitrage.

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Show Notes:

Amazon retail arbitrage is an E-Commerce strategy that many have used to build successful businesses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ann Sieg, Founder and CEO at E-Commerce Business School LLC, explore Amazon retail arbitrage strategies.

About  E-Commerce Business School

Their Mission: To help sellers in the e-commerce space establish relationships with wholesalers, make wise purchasing decisions, and scale their businesses using the e-commerce platform of their choice through our practical workshops, state-of-the-art online training system, and highly relational E-Commerce Business School community.

Our Values:

•They believe in respecting the experience and intelligence of our students. 
•They believe a strong work ethic can overcome deficiencies in technological know-how. 
•They believe in keeping our students up-to-date with changes in the marketplace. 
•They believe in the importance of integrity and due diligence as a way of preserving and growing one’s capital. 
•They believe the best training is systematic, organized, and thorough… while remaining personal. 
•They believe learning is maximized in a community of those who share our goals.

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