Amy Pittard Shares “Fabulous” Experience working with Cyberbacker on a New Episode of the CyberCEO Podcast

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO Amy Pittard discuss leaping into virtual leverage

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Guest CyberCEO Pittard breaks down the value of working with Cyberbacker in a new episode of CyberCEO. Cruz and Pittard help listeners understand what sets Cyberbacker apart in this episode.

Making Work-Life Balance Possible

For Amy Pittard, Keller Williams Broker of Record and Productivity Coach, the tipping point was realizing that she was letting too many things slide while trying to spend more time with her family. Pittard, who also runs her own successful real estate business, appealed to her MAPs Coach for help. 

At first, Pittard was skeptical of virtual leverage. “I wavered  back and forth,” she says. In the end, Pittard decided that hiring a virtual assistant was the most cost-effective choice.

“She’s My Right Hand”

Though Pittard and Cyberbacker Abby have only been working together for a few months, Abby has quickly become an essential part of Pittard’s multiple businesses. In addition to handling databases, social media, and Smart Plans, Abby is always jumping in wherever she is needed. “She’s just so good at being able to pick up stuff and move forward with it,” Pittard says.

Furthermore, Pittard is already seeing a quantifiable difference: “She’s helping me manage my database, which means that I’ve got people calling me and reaching out to me…which leads to more transactions.” The possibilities for growth, Pittard says, are “limitless.”

Clear Communication is Key

Because Abby handles Pittard’s social media posts, one growth opportunity the two shared was crafting the tone of those posts to ensure they “sounded like” Pittard. Looking back, Pittard feels that frequent and constructive communication helped Abby catch on very quickly.

Clear expectations and guidelines are important when working with Cyberbacker, and Pittard urges business owners to “have a solid plan going into hiring.”  

“It’s been a great experience,” Pittard says. “Way better than I expected.” 


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043

Amy Pittard is a California-based realtor, Broker of Record, and Productivity Coach.

For more information, see https://amypittard.kw.com/.