An Introduction to American Dream Podcast

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In this episode of American Dream podcast, Host Mr. Khan shares his life experience and learnings of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He also tells a story about how it all started with a small step and how his ambition, hard work and perseverance took him to the skies. This podcast is the introduction and summary of Khan’s bold steps, mechanism of taking failure as a learning opportunity, seeing uncertainty as business potentials and enjoying the ride towards fulfilling his dreams.

Masudur Khan is the Founder & CEO, Khan Properties Group . Mr. Khan is an award-winning hotelier and developer specializing in the hospitality and multifamily housing industry. Since 2009, Khan has grown his portfolio through dedication and hard work to provide the highest quality services to the guests and successfully developed properties to meet the current and future demands of the hospitality and housing markets.

Hosted by Masudur Khan, American Dream explores entrepreneurship, development and the business landscape through engaging with today’s leaders. To learn more, visit: https://www.khanpropertiesgroup.com/

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