Andie Monet is Helping People Understand their Business Needs and Learn to Solve Them

Andie Monet, CEO of Strategic Solutions & Development International Inc., is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

Andie Monet, a “Take Action” Business Growth Strategist, has been advising, supporting, and guiding small businesses since 18 years old. With so much academic and technical expertise under her belt, Andie talks about how she developed and perfected her process of helping others truly understand their business needs. 

Rising Star

Although Andie Monet started her higher education with physics and engineering, she found her calling in business. She got her Accounting and Finance degree and then her MBA and quickly rose to a senior position in one of the big five accounting firms by the age of 20. 

Later, she started working overseas, transforming economic and financial infrastructure at an international level because her dream was to make a difference in the world. However, she eventually realized that her passion is to help those she could impact most: Small business owners.

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A Need to Help Others

Andie recognized the gap between understanding one’s business goals versus identifying solutions and strategies to reach them, so started a company to help small businesses. Her firm, Strategic Solutions & Development (SSD) International Inc., helps small business owners create and customize solutions to move from fear and confusion to confidence and clarity, understand the next steps, and take strategic action.  

Small business owners who know they need growth and improvements but don’t know what to do next can reach out to Andie to help them move forward with their next step. SSD helps entrepreneurs come out of the bubble by providing strategies for growth, cost improvements, and financial management, as well as increasing sales and streamlining processes. SSD’s niche includes labor-intensive industries, such as manufacturing, construction, software, and professional services like doctors and lawyers.      

Strategic Growth Course

“My courses are all about finding clarity about a strategic plan and taking action,” says Andie. It is all about planning for the future with small to mid-sized companies, distilling information from them, projecting the results they can achieve, and taking action to achieve them. 

How does one use financial statements as a management tool? How does one get data before releasing a product into the market? How can you increase sales without an increased customer base? Can I survive without getting a loan? These and many other questions are easy for Andie to answer. Andie explains that the business tools and insight needed to build any company, whether small or big, are often similar. 

If you want to know more about Andie Monet and her plans to help you grow your business, follow her live business and strategy Q&A sessions on Instagram, Facebook, and Clubhouse. She can also be reached through her website, www.andiemonet.com, where you can schedule a complimentary strategy session with her.   


Andie Monet is an expert business strategist who has over 30 years of core experience in accounting and finance but has spent the past 20 years in management consulting to make a significant impact for businesses in areas of business strategy and development, operations and productivity, finances and cash management, and sales and profitability.She can be reached through her IG handle @andie.monet_SSD and her website www.AndieMonet.com. You can also connect with her at LinkedIn here.