Anthony Powell’s Secrets for the Best Investments at the Right Time for the Greatest Return

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A real, raw and authentic conversation with my brilliant friend and colleague, Anthony Powell, CEO of EVO Asset Consulting, focused on forging a new path in the OREO world for distressed properties powered by state-of-the-art cloud-based software, Zoocom.  

A college dropout with a love for extreme sports and editing, Tony was inspired to make dirt bike movies. Then he set that aside to be a Vice President of Marketing, but realized quickly it wasn’t the place for him. 

He bought his first house in his early 20s and flipped it, making a cool $100K and knew he’d found his home in real estate. Although he knew nothing about foreclosures, he could see logic in the numbers and trends in history. 

Tony strongly believes a win is a win. And he wants to help people understand the nuances of investing. Because there’s always going to be another intentional dump as he calls it. So listen carefully as Tony divulges his own personal investing secrets and how he uses his AMP waves algorithm to determine not only the best investments, but also the best timing for the greatest return.  

EVO comprises OREO experts, bankers, lawyers, and real estate professionals who are readily available to assist you with every transaction in any market. Whether you have one or one million properties, they have you covered.  

Connect further with Tony and his team at https://www.joinevo.com/  

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