Arnold Volker Writes “Young Inventors Change the World Everyday” in Mission Matters Book

Adam Torres and Arnold Volker discuss His new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Arnold Volker, Inventor Activator at Inventor U, writes about how “Young Inventors Change the World Everyday” in Mission Matters Business Leaders Volume 6.

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About  Arnold Volker

Arnold is very passionate about helping others do just that, reaching their full potential. He has a lot of experience from bringing products to market to dealing with the challenges of losing a business partner. Having someone with you step by step and achieving measurable results is key to getting where you desire.

Arnold has 30 years of business management and development experience to help keep you moving in the direction you never thought was possible. 

About Inventor U

They have all had good Ideas and they have either acted on it or they haven’t. Without support, the chance of that idea moving forward is next to nil! They would like to share real life examples of inventions that have changed the world to inspire new inventions.

Helping individuals with their inventions and overall life strategy. Inventor U believe everyone is an inventor, even if it is just of our own lives. Inventors are focused, tireless, and driven. How do we learn from them. And apply it to our daily lives and goals.