Artificial Intelligence and the Changing Role of the Knowledge Worker with Christopher Andrassy

Adam Torres and Christopher Andrassy discuss the knowledge worker.

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Show Notes:

Artificial intelligence combined with machine learning is creating innovation at a rapid pace in the workplace. In this episode, Adam Torres and  Christopher Andrassy, Managing Partner at The Astral Consulting Group, explore the evolution of the knowledge worker and how they contribute to the economy.

About Christopher Andrassy

Christopher is an entrepreneur focused on developing and implementing custom business intelligence solutions to help growing companies create data-driven cultures, leveling the playing field. He founded The Astral Consulting Group to reimagine the traditional business intelligence model, powered by The Astral Framework, a unique methodology allowing for rapid implementation while compartmentalizing development risk. 

About The Astral Consulting Group

The Astral Consulting Group brings together the analytical thinking of an engineer and the holistic business acumen of a management consultant to build data-driven cultures. Through cloud infrastructure, Astral Analytics, and real-time data visualization, they empower growing companies to make the right decision at the right time, leveling the playing field. As engineers first, they developed The Astral Framework to build workflows unique to each business case, which incorporate both the “first-principles” and Agile methodologies. They pride themselves on working closely alongside their clients throughout each engagement, offering virtual and in-person expertise every step of the way.

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