Author Casey Ryals Releases Last To Least: A New Direction for Winning in Work & Life

Adam Torres and Casey Ryals discuss Casey’s new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Casey Ryals, Insurance Expert, Entrepreneur, Founder of Ryals Brothers and Author of Last To Least: A New Direction for Winning in Work & Life, explore Casey’s new book.

About Casey Ryals

His wife Alli and him lives in Clermont, Ga with their three beautiful girls, Livie, Aliza, and Anna Brooks. Nothing in this world is more important to him.

His personal mission statement: Encourage Wisdom.

For work, he has managed an insurance book of business for over 11 years as well as managing other agents. He manages an agency in Gainesville, Ga., one of the largest in his company.

His brother and he started their company Ryals Bros from the ground. They are a specialty dump truck company with stubbornly dependable drivers. “Don’t stress, we’ll take your load off” is not only their slogan, but what they ask each driver bearing their name to promise. They promise him before being hired that they are here to serve their customers, not simply be served.

Because he constantly read to better learn how to manage his agency and his small business, he began to notice a missing piece in the field of leadership literature. Almost every leadership author will confess that “before you can lead others you must learn to lead yourself”, yet few set out to teach self management. Last to Least is his effort to codify the system of self management that has changed his work forever. He believes lack of self management is the reason they are so anxious and frustrated with their work. Last to Least sets out to change, not just what they do, but gives them an identity at work that can not be threatened by stress or fear. They can be the most productive version of themselves and achieve the purpose for which their work was designed! Going Last to Least will change you forever and your organization will be enhanced!

Last to Least focuses on Neighbors-Guided work, not self serving only. Results matter, but a Met need necessarily precedes profit or incentives.

His agency has been #1 for 6 years in a row, so Neighbors-Guided is also productive. The difference is that every decision, every recommendation, every plan, is for the good of the neighbors that they serve, not simply their own profits or recognition. 

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