Author Chad Willardson Releases Stress-Free Money: Overcome These Seven Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom

Adam Torres and Chad Willardson discuss Chad’s book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chad Willardson, CRPC®, AWMA®, President of Pacific Capital and Author of the Best Selling Book Stress-Free Money: Overcome These Seven Obstacles to Find Financial Freedom, explore Chad’s book. 

About Pacific Capital

Pacific Capital is an exclusive and independent wealth management firm in Southern California, with offices in Corona and Newport Beach. They work to help you enjoy life by removing your stress about money. Unlike many Wall Street brokers, they’re not here to collect commissions by selling you products you don’t want nor need. They have a fiduciary duty to represent your best interests above anything else. Working together with you, they create and implement personal financial strategies that give you confidence and peace of mind for your future.

They created their proprietary Financial Life Inspection® to make sure that your personal finances have a proper foundation and that you are on track to reach your life goals. They have been recognized as Five Star Wealth Managers for several years and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Advisor Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Their employees hold many designations, including AWMA®, CRPC®, NSSA®, CFA®, and CFS® and Certified Financial Fiduciary®. They take their responsibility seriously and are constantly striving to improve their knowledge and offerings.

As a privately-owned and operated company, their team is empowered to make decisions that only serve the interests and goals of clients without the constraints of a large bank-controlled environment. They define “successful investment results” as the attainment of their client’s financial goals. Performance is more than simply a rate of return. Each client is unique and their objectives go beyond just “beating the market.” 

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