Author Charles Tyrrell to Release New Book with Mission Matters

Adam Torres and Charles Tyrrell discuss Charles’ new book. 

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Show Notes:

Upcoming book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Charles Tyrrell, Founder and Attorney at Tyrrell Law, PSC, explore Charles’ upcoming book release.  

About Tyrell Law

For more than ten years, Tyrell Law has helped investors from around the world legally come to the United States.  Clients come to us with ideas on what they want to do and how they want to invest.  They listen to their goals and ideas and develop an immigration plan and corporate structure that not only tailors to their needs but also gives them flexibility with their investments.   Once they have developed a plan, Tyrell Law work with our clients to find businesses to invest in, which meet their criteria and immigration regulations, develop a business plan for immigration purposes, which can also provide a road map on how to run the business, and provide guidance on how to help the company reach its full potential for immigration purposes.  While doing this, they never lose sight of the client’s immigration goals, be it to come to the US temporarily or to obtain permanent residency.  It is your plan. The role is only to help you create the immigration strategy to realize it.