Author Edward E. Tyson Launches “From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading”

Adam Torres and Edward E. Tyson discuss Edward’s new book. 

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Show Notes:

New Book Alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Edward E. Tyson, CEO of PerSynergy Consulting, explore the release of “From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading.”   

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About  Edward E. Tyson 

Ed Tyson is the architect of the LeadershipSOPs, a breakthrough framework and methodology, shifting the leadership development conversation away from skills and styles and toward systems of action focused on the purpose of leading and its three critical domains.

About PerSynergy Consulting

PerSynergy Consulting is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to assisting individuals, teams and organizations on their paths to greatness. They believe in getting results through people, per synergy. They divide the services into two main practice areas: Strategy & Performance and Coaching. PerSynergy Strategy & Performance practice focuses on strategy design and execution for achieving excellence by design, helping executive teams articulate, align on and implement critical operating mechanisms that inform, resource and empower broad organizational action. The Coaching practice applies many of the same principles as our performance practice, but with a focus on the individual. The executive coaches and life coaches partner with individuals to propel them forward on their personal journeys toward deeper and more meaningful levels of self-awareness, effectiveness and personal satisfaction, whether professionally or personally.