Author Jim Downes to Release New Book with Mission Matters

Adam Torres and Jim Downes discuss Jim’s new book. 

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Show Notes:

New book alert!  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jim Downes, Fractional CFO & Founder of Blueprint CFO, explore Blueprint CFO and Jim’s upcoming book he is launching with Mission Matters.  

About Jim Downes

Jim Downes is the founder of Blueprint CFO, a different kind of accounting services firm. One that is focused on creating a Profitability Roadmap ™ to the biggest future ever for Blueprint’s client businesses. Jim’s journey from CPA to a future focused business strategist started many years ago when he was asked by a CPA client “Jim, what should we do differently next year?” What indeed? That began a quest for Jim to make client financial reporting; actionable, forward thinking, and goal focused. 

Jim’s unremitting passion for working with business owners seeking to build great companies led him to open Blueprint CFO in 2019. A forward-looking strategist, Jim and his team provide a competitive advantage over typical CFOs. Leveraging data, they go beyond the numbers to make their clients ever more profitable.

About Blueprint CFO

Blueprint CFO acts as a financial partner to the emerging growth entrepreneurial clients. Bringing them timely and accurate data to make better business decisions and the financing they need to fund their growth.