Author Keith Herman Releases Disruption Out Of A Box!: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

Adam Torres and Keith Herman discuss Keith’s new book in this in depth two part interview.

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Keith Herman is a widely respected expert in business growth, especially in innovative and disruptive technology. He has owned, scaled, and successfully exited more than fifty SMEs, including 10 startups across the technology, finance, media, and real estate industries. He has also raised more than $500 million and has participated in over $2 billion worth of transactions. Keith also partners with tech companies to establish credibility, attract capital, increase brand awareness, and form strategic partnerships for enterprise scaling. He is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, mentor, and more.

And now, he adds “author” to his list of accomplishments.

In his first published book, Disruption Out of a Box! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success, Keith weaves stories and examples expertly into a roadmap of success. He insists that the path to success can be taken by anyone and proves it by sharing a map with readers. Keith even includes a workbook section with space and exercises to help guide readers through the planning stages and create an actionable strategy for your business.

Some of the books Keith used on his own road to success are The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber and The Yes-I-can Guide to Mastering Real Estate: How to Build Your Confidence and Your Wealth by Steven J. Fogel. He explains how both books examined new points of view and different ways to think about things. Immediately after reading these two books, Keith convinced his best friend to become his business partner and they went into real estate together.

Despite personal tragedy, Keith persevered and kept reading and learning to find new perspectives and new opportunities for success. Until the Savings and Loan Crisis in the early 90s, which brought the U.S. real estate market to its knees. Over the next few years, Keith worked hard but wasn’t getting anywhere. It was back to the bookstore!

This time, Awaken the Giant Within How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny by Tony Robbins became a resource for learning and inspiration. Between that book and a chance encounter with a stranger, Keith’s spirits raised and he got a deal the next day.

Reading and learning have been an ongoing part of Keith’s path to success. He believes learning and growth and being open to new perspectives in life and in business have been keys to his success. 
Keith’s book Disruption Out of a Box! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success is available now in ebook and paperback with a hardcover edition coming soon. You can get your copy here and don’t forget to leave a review!

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success | Part 1

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success | Part 2

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