Author Reggie Marra Releases “Enough with the…Talking Points: Doing More Good than Harm in Conversation”

Adam Torres and Reggie Marra discuss Reggie’s new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Reggie Marra, MA, PCC, Co-Founder of Fully Human at Work and Author of Enough with the…Talking Points: Doing More Good than Harm in Conversation, explore Reggie’s new book.

About Reggie Marra

He works across disciplines and industries with folks who are committed to doing the work required to achieve sustainable change and alleviate unnecessary suffering. Toward these ends, he engage Integral Coaching®, Voice Dialogue, Soulcraft®, Leadership Agility and a variety of other modalities, including humor, that explore identity (who you think you are), perspective (the lens through which you experience and interpret life), relationship (what and how you share with others), environment (the natural and human-made systems and structures within which you live) and purpose (your authentic place in the world).

He’s an Integral Master Coach™ certified through Integral Coaching Canada, and holds a PCC credential with the International Coach Federation. He has a Level 1 certification in Voice Dialogue, and am grounded in AQAL and SDi (Ken Wilber’s integral framework and Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics Integral) both of which inform his worldview and his workshops, talks and teachings. He’s also a certified Leadership Agility 360 coach.

He believes deeply in, and engages as practice, Narrative Healing, which is the use of written and spoken poetry and prose as a path toward transformation that heals. He enacted a vision quest (1998) and engaged dreamwork, shadow work, and additional “Soulcraft” with Bill Plotkin and the folks at Animas Valley Institute.

Specialties: Through Integral Coaching®, poetry writing and workshops, he guide the willing in their development by facilitating access to continually deepening and broadening perspectives on how they view and relate to themselves, others, and the world at large; what they actually do; and how these views and behaviors serve or limit them as they move through life. 

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