B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns with Chris Snook

Adam Torres and Chris Snook discuss effective B2B digital marketing campaigns.

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Show Notes:

Is it possible to target the right decision makers in B2B sales when they are ready to buy? To do this effectively, a different approach to digital marketing campaigns is needed. In this episode, Adam Torres and Chris Snook, bestselling author of Digital Sense: The Common Sense Approach to Effectively Blending Social Business Strategy, Marketing Technology, and Customer Experience and Board of Directors at Emerged, explore how businesses can create better B2B marketing campaigns.

About Emerged

We didn’t invent full-funnel B2B prospect marketing. We made it affordable for all companies to adopt and get the benefits from it. Emerged was created by 20-year veterans in the digital agency world in a format that brings setup and deployment costs down by 90%. We use the fundamental best practices, from years of testing and deploying these strategies ourselves. We get rid of the fluff and waste and focus on the things that work. There is simply no more efficient way to market your business for a strong return on investment.

Digital Marketing tactics are typically built for target consumers. It’s more of a mass-market shotgun effect. The strategy has been to target “likely” buyers in masses. B2B marketing flips this upside down. We target the same prospects your sales team would reach out to on calls and at conferences. We amplify your sales team’s efforts by finding those targets in their online state, serving messages and ads only to them, and then driving them into your key branding, educational and/or messaging funnels.

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