B2B Sales Research with Joe Benjamin

Adam Torres and Joe Benjamin discus B2B sales.

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Show Notes:

Having the right sales research can mean the difference between success and failure for many companies. Do you know if you are working with the best data for your company? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Joe Benjamin, CEO & Co-Founder at CheetahIQ, explore how CheetahIQ is helping sales organizations thrive.

About CheetahIQ

CheetahIQ is the fastest way to research your sales prospects. Information sources are fragmented and the amount of info to sort through can be overwhelming. We’re solving that with the first research platform built for salespeople. We’ve aggregated news, podcasts, and more, so you can find the most relevant and interesting info to leverage for outreach and meeting prep. Your research can be done up to 10X faster than before, which means you’ll have more time for quality touches, you can book more meetings, and neglect fewer accounts.

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