Balou Offers Event Organizers a New Way To Reach Their Audience with Adrien Cirou

 Adam Torres and Adrien Cirou discuss Balou.

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Show Notes:

During this pandemic many event organizers are looking for new ways to reach their audiences. Balou may have the answer. In this episode, Adam Torres and Adrien Cirou, CEO & Founder of Balou, explore how Balou is pivoting to continue helping their clients.

About Balou, LLC

The biggest challenge as an event organizer is attracting new exhibitors and validating that your show will yield a positive ROI. “What can you do for me?” is a common sentiment from exhibitors. They want to be seen. They want attendees to engage and stop by their booth and hear what they have to say. Balou is the perfect tool to bridge the awareness gap between attendees and exhibitors by allowing exhibitors to showcase their giveaways on an easy to use app. The purpose of the Balou App is to provide exhibitors with direct access to the individuals that they are exhibiting to. What better way to capture someone’s attention, then to announce that you are giving away some awesome free stuff. It’s the perfect tool to capture an audience. Effective and simple engagement is the Balou way, and quite frankly, nothing is simpler than free.

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