Beau Berman Launches the RPRTR Podcast

Adam Torres and Beau Berman discuss the launch of his new podcast and new role at Toaster Party.

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Show Notes:

Have you ever wanted to talk shop with on air personalities? In this episode, Adam Torres and Beau Berman, Content Lead at Toaster Party and Host of RPRTR Podcast, discuss his new podcast which turns the tables, interviewing the personalities that are usually giving the interviews!

About Beau Berman

I am an investigative news reporter with 11 years of on-air professional reporting and anchoring experience. I’ve broken stories that have garnered national attention and have been rewarded for his work with three Edward R. Murrow awards, an Emmy award (plus nine Emmy nominations) and numerous Texas AP Broadcasters and Society of Professional Journalists 1st place awards.

About Toaster Party

At Toaster Party, we pride ourselves on making products that are fun, educational, sharable, and safe. We’ve spent countless hours with parents, teachers, and students to figure out what limitations the current world of technology poses and how to overcome them. Our team is focused on making tools for learning, as well as fun and creative products to capture the imagination and expand the boundaries of creativity.

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