Beauty in Brokenness: Journey of Resilience, Perseverance and Hope with Eunice Nuna

Adam Torres and Eunice Nuna discuss Wounded Healers-Kenya.

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Show Notes:

Wounded Healers-Kenya is a community of survivors of sexual violence, mentors, and leaders who are passionate to see the community free from violence. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Eunice Nuna (GGA), Executive Director- Wounded Healers-Kenya, explore the mission of Wounded Healers-Kenya and how people can get involved.

About Eunice Nuna

She’s an intuitive Counselor and empathetic story teller, who equips women to grow in self dependency, leadership, and healing through her gift of counselling. From growing up with an alcohol dependent parent, to going through sexual abuse, to suffering mental health issues, to being on the brink of suicide, her story is the example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve greatness. She’s now a psychologist, a mother, Children mentor, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Wounded Healers Foundation. www.woundedhealer.org

She regularly gives keynote speeches on a variety of topics including mental health, perseverance,well being, resilience and her transformation journey. She once felt hopeless, worthless and shame that covered the most successful, confident and high achieving woman in her. She provide holistic support to survivors to ensure they are growing academically, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally and stand as an example of dignity restored just like her.

If you can genuinely choose to skip coffee and snacks for $10, the money can provide one counseling session for a survivor. paypal:[email protected]

About Wounded Healers Kenya

Wounded Healers is Faith based,non-governmental,and not for profit making organization. It  is community of survivors of sexual violence, mentors and leaders who are passionate see the community free from violence.
Mission: Increase awareness and understanding around sexual violence prevention, manifestation and the survivors support by targeting and empowering both girls and boys to create a culture of mutual respect in all communities in Kenya.

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