Beauty is NOT Flawless Series episode #5

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This episode highlights Lorrie Pinnix and her PCOS journey. Lorrie is originally from Connecticut, but she’s currently living in Jacksonville, FL, for almost 8 years now. She is a Beauty Influencer for a lifestyle company called Farmasi and has been working on social media for 5 years. Her passion is to help others feel better about themselves from the inside out. She was officially diagnosed with PCOS in late 2021, but her battle with PCOS has been going on since her freshman year in high school. 

” The more I learn about my own health, the more I’d like to bring awareness about this condition in hopes to help others not feel alone on their journey,” Lorrie said.

Story Notes:

  • Period
  •  Male Hormones
  • Fatigue
  • tampons 

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