Beauty is NOT Flawless Series episode #6

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In this episode,Host Rachel Roberts was joined by guest Felicia West. Felicia is the current reigning Mrs. South Carolina Plus America 2022. She directs a homeschool Co-op, coaches her dance team, and volunteers with her children and students to fill local blessing boxes weekly. Her focus is those in need in the community.

Felicia is married for 12 years to her husband Richard,and mother of two children. A boy, 10 and a girl, 11. 

As part of the board of directors for South of Broadway production company she focuses on teaching our youth about art of all kinds and ways they can help others in their community too. Her passion is people and the Arts. 

As Mrs. South Carolina Plus America she has started a community outreach program with South Of Broadway. The goal is enriching our community with art and helping spread positivity and acceptance. She also works side by side with local animal rescues to ensure that our animal community is taken care of as well.  She founded the Heart of Pageantry. A pageant system that instills positivity, acceptance and teamwork in the hearts of all contestants. 

It is her firm belief that art inspires, encourages and shows everyone whole new worlds. With that inspiration anything is possible

Story Notes:

  • ART
  • PCOS
  • Pageant
  • Bypass Surgery

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