Becoming an Elite Performer in Life 

Adam Torres and Wylie McGraw discuss elite performance. 

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Show Notes:  

There is a stark contrast between today’s personal development, leadership development, and high-performance landscapes. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Wylie McGraw, Founder and Performance Accelerator of Radical Performance Acceleration and host of the Podcast, Wise Words & Whisky with Wylie McGraw, explore what it takes to become an elite performer in life. 

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About Wylie McGraw

Wylie worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and other C-suite executives, hedge fund teams, bestselling authors, public figures, athletes, and other prominent thought leaders across industries.

Every single one of them would tell you the exact same thing:

“Working with Wylie will be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but the most unforgettable and rewarding”

Other coaches and consultants may have helped you get to where you are today, but he’ll take you beyond that.

About Radical Performance Acceleration

Achieving the highest levels of sustained peak performance is the ultimate goal for leaders.

High achievers spend their lives seeking new, innovative ways to take their game to the next level, to stay ahead of the competition, and to win.

But what is required to achieve this state of being goes far beyond conventional methods of coaching and consulting. It goes far beyond systems, strategies, and steps, and it means all areas of your life are operating from a state of balance.

Money and notoriety are no longer the benchmarks of success. They are dying metrics of asymmetrical achievement and do not define someone’s greatness.

If you’re a leader who’s willing to do what you’ve never done before to radically unleash all your potential and experience exponential results both personally and professionally, then you’re ready to leave the crutches of the “helping” industry behind and are poised to be optimized.