Becoming the CFO of Your Life with Keke Williams

Adam Torres and Keke (Karen) Williams discuss real estate investing. 

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Show Notes:

Real estate investing can be a powerful tool for building wealth, no matter the economic cycle. In this episode, Adam Torres and  Keke (Karen) Williams Principal & Co-Founder at Global Investor Alliance, explore personal finance, real estate investing and what it takes to build wealth.   

About Global Investor Alliance

At Global Investor Alliance, They are fans of Maslow’s Model to investing, having proven even through this pandemic period that putting our money into assets that serve core human needs, like food (farmland/agribusiness) and shelter (multifamily), produces solid, recession-resilient returns. It’s given us calm amidst the current economic storms to have these steady streams of investment income continuing to flow in good times and bad. Within the flagship Global Investing Mastery Program, they also surface investment deals to show you how to preserve your capital, generate tax-efficient income, and build equity through future capital appreciation of real assets.