Being a Fiduciary

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Fred Kerestury takes us along his journey on becoming a Financial Advisor and living the life of a fiduciary.  From banking to teaching to advising, his road has had many twist and turns.  Listen and enjoy Fred’s inspiring climb to becoming his own boss and having a passion for helping people!

Fred Kerestury, Financial Advisor with West Point Management, has been in the financial services industry for over 13 years. He enjoys seeing people succeed, especially when they may have thought it was not possible. His job is rewarding due to the outcomes that he gets to see in the lives of the people and families he helps. He helps people go beyond the obvious and make intentional decisions to put together their entire financial puzzle. 

Fred acts as a partner, strategist, coach, and counselor in this process. As a fiduciary, he believes in creating a holistic plan to ensure the highest standard of client care. He also believes in working with people who are committed to the process and want to have an ongoing and meaningful relationship with their financial advisor.

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