Being an Offbeat Leader is an Asset with Cassa Grant

Adam Torres and Cassa Grant discuss offbeat leadership. 

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Show Notes:

Great leadership is often at the core of successful businesses. But does offbeat leadership play a role? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Cassa Grant, Brand and Leadership Coach & Consultant at Cassa Grant Communications, explore offbeat leadership and the skills every leader should consider developing.  

About Cassa Grant Communications

Cassa clients grow exponentially after each session- She helps them transform from who they think they are into who they REALLY are so that they can make their mark on the world. Personal development is incredibly important to me, because I’ve seen how much it’s brought Cassa: happiness, peace, confidence, clarity… oh, and clearly modesty!

Cassa explores your internal geography, but she keeps things simple, so actions are easy. You’re creating a new identity, so the stories you’re telling yourself matter. She takes a close look at them and creates new ones that align with who you’re becoming.