Benefits of “Primary Foods” with Michael Trugman

Adam Torres and Michael Trugman discuss primary foods.

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Show Notes:

Primary foods often get overlooked when putting together an overall wellness plan. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Trugman, Health Coach, explore primary foods and how Michael is helping his clients achieve results.

About Michael Trugman 

Michael Trugman spent the first 6 years of his career in public accounting, so he knows firsthand how demanding your schedule is. It feels like the only things you have time for are work and email. You are burning the candle on both ends and have almost no time to prioritize your own needs. Michael Trugman‘s here to help with that. His  job as a health coach is to help you identify where you are presently, what your goals are, why you desire to achieve those goals, and what are the habits that will get you there.

The program we design together is all about what works for you and will be uniquely customized for your needs. A coach is more of a guide on the side than a sage on the stage. Health is far more than what we eat and drink. It is also our stress management, career, relationships, and hobbies, just to name a few. It is all encompassing, so it is very common that topics outside of nutrition are discussed in our sessions as well.

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